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Why most our clients choose Kyox Locksmiths of London?

Thank you for a great service

When I moved into my new flat I called Kyox Locksmiths of London to change the locks. We scheduled it for Saturday - the locksmith came on time and the job was done to my satisfaction. Sadly I had to schedule the same appointment 3 weeks later when my bag was stolen from my office. This time I needed a locksmith ASAP, because the papers in my bag had my address on, and the thief could easily use the house keys. I called Kyox Locksmiths of London's emergency locksmith team and the guy came in 30 minutes as they promise on the web. All the locks were changed AGAIN and I even got a returning customer discount.

Brooke Smart

Prompt response and wonderful service

We live in a very old building and from the condition of our locks I would say they were never changed after my wife was locked out of the apartment because she couldn't turn the lock, she called Emergency Kyox Locksmiths of London. They are experts on re-keying, lock repair and change and more, but I choose Kyox Locksmiths of London due to their prompt emergency locksmith services. The customer service representative was really helpful and the locksmith was standing in front of our locked door for 25 minutes. He worked hard on this old "security relic", but the lock is as good as new now thanks to him.

Leon Blake

Professional locksmiths

I had 5 locks needing re-keying however I didn't have the time to call a locksmith. Last week I finally called Kyox Locksmiths of London. They provide various lock and key solutions for homes and offices and as a landlord, I used Kyox Locksmiths of London for lock change before and the service was splendid. I don't have the extra time to wait for a locksmith, so I specifically asked them to be precise. The appointment was set for 10-11 am, however, their customer service called and told me that the locksmith could arrive earlier if I wanted (locksmiths in London rarely do so). Once the locksmith showed up, he quickly re-keyed the lock cores, handed me the new keys and was on his way in 40 minutes.

Oh, and their locksmith service is reasonably priced, too!

Andrew Goodwin

Splendid 24 hour locksmith service

I own a few businesses in London, and I use London locksmiths a lot for standard jobs like key duplication, safe installation, lock change and more. However, I never used their emergency locksmith services before yesterday. Someone forced the lock in one of my bars and one of their locksmiths came down and installed a new lock at 3 Am! And I must say he was quite courteous for this late hour. Most emergency locksmiths in London will turn you down at 3 AM and will give you an attitude for waking them up, but not. I will be using their services in the future for everything.

Evan Willis

Professional auto locksmith

Last week I locked my keys in my car. I called about 10 different locksmith companies before calling Kyox Locksmiths of London. It wasn't that late yet (only 7 PM), however, for most of the numbers I called I got the answering machine or no answer at all (and I must stress that all these companies supposedly work 24/7), and if I got a human response the answer was that they don't have anyone to send out. To be honest, I was truly frustrated while calling, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear that someone would arrive right away to help me out. A few minutes later I got a call from the technician saying he was on his way. When he arrived 15 minutes later he was very polite, nice and professional my car door was open in few minutes and I could finally get home.

Gracie Coles

Reliable Locksmith

My husband and I finally picked up the keys to our first house from the real estate agent and we needed a lock check for our new property. A friend referred us to Kyox Locksmiths of London, so we gave them a call and scheduled an appointment for 6 PM the same day, and the locksmith pulled into our driveway 15 minutes earlier! The technician checked all our locks and informed us that the best option for us is just to re-key the existing locks because these were good quality locks in outstanding working condition and it would be unreasonable to change such solid locks. The 12 locks we had were re-keyed manually in about an hour or so. We never had to deal with lock and key situations before, but I think that Kyox Locksmiths of London have very reasonable rates, and the team is very professional, efficient and honest.

Holly Preston

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